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Timeline: Illian-Sims Family

A combination timeline and reading list for the family of Dafydd Illian and Constance Sims.
October 1982
Birth of Constance Sims to Joseph & Laura Sims
Constance is recruited to the PPC under false pretenses and partnered with Althea Gold in the Department of Mary-Sues.
Constance's Recruitment
Constance (possibly) begins a long-term plan to fall in love at first sight.
Agentshipping: First Sight (canon-friendly but not necessarily canonical)
May 1999
Dafydd is recruited, assigned to the Department of Mary-Sues, and partnered with Jared Calinson.
Dafydd's Backstory (This story contains spoilers for the rest of Dafydd's stories.)
May 1999
Dafydd and Constance are peripherally involved in The Reorganisation, from Chapters 3 and 12 respectively.
The Reorganisation
19th December 2001
Release of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in cinemas. Beginning of the fanfic onslaught.
Constance is partnered with Steve Dimond, and tackles her first mission with him.
18th December 2002
Release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in cinemas.
September 2003
The Rivendell Incident: Dafydd burns down half of Rivendell.
17th December 2003
Release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in cinemas.
16th January 2004
Dafydd and the Bonsai Mallorn form the Department of Geographical Aberrations.
Tales from DOGA: Beginnings
January 2004
Selene Windflower becomes Dafydd's new partner, and they tackle their first mission.
Tales from DOGA: More Than Ordinary
January 2004
Dafydd (possibly) begins to have romantic troubles with Selene.
Agentshipping: Rejection (canon-friendly but not necessarily canonical)
30th January 2004
Dafydd and Selene take on their second mission.
Tales from DOGA: Eledhwen
1st February 2004
Dafydd and Selene catch a bite to eat.
Tales from DOGA: Interlude 1
2nd February 2004
Techno-Dann of the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology repairs Dafydd's console.
DoSAT: Dann's Story
2nd February 2004
A new mission for DOGA, and Dafydd picks up a souvenir.
Tales from DOGA: Daughter of Desire
February 2004
Dafydd and Selene help prevent a fangirl invasion of Middle-earth.
The Boromir Saga: Chapter 14 - A Battle Joined
In her other role as a Nurse, Constance tends to Agent Nenya Gabriel.
The JAAKSONS: At the Sign of the Multiple Exclamation Points
March 2004
Dafydd is temporarily partnered with Vemi Fincaran of the DMS.
Tales from DOGA: The Child of Susan Sto Helit
March 2004
Dafydd takes another trip to the Discworld with Vemi.
Tales from DOGA: Al and Death (Part 1)
16th April 2004
An infestation of PPC Sues leads to Dafydd being targeted.
Agent Dafydd + The Gurl
April 2004
Dafydd pays a few visits to Lizzie at the Training Academy for Mary Sues (chapter 3 onwards).
Diary of an Undercover Sue
May 2004
Dafydd returns to 'Al and Death' to put a permanent end to it.
Tales from DOGA: Al and Death (Part 2)
June 2004
Dafydd Illian of DOGA and Constance Sims of the DMS are temporarily partnered, meeting for the first time.
Tales from DOGA: Two Worlds United
June 2004
Dafydd takes on another mission with Selene.
Tales from DOGA: Echoes of the Narbeleth
July 2004
Dafydd and Constance discuss the utility of fire.
Tales from DOGA: The Blood of Those Betrayed
August 2004
Dafydd and Selene take on a Mary Sue who is not all she seems.
Diary of an Undercover Sue: Chapters 17-22
Constance travels into Young Wizards with Aella.
29th December 2004
Dafydd and Vemi team up again.
Tales from DOGA: Not So Simple
1st January 2005
Dafydd and Selene take on their biggest mission yet.
Tales from DOGA: Woodsprite of the North
3rd January 2005
Constance goes to a party, and meets Dafydd there.
Tales from DOGA: Interlude 2
March 2005
Dafydd teams up with Agents Neshomeh and Alec to enter a newly-opened fandom.
Tales from DOGA: Brown DragonRider of Pern
May 2005
Dafydd and Selene take on a legendary badfic.
Tales from DOGA: legolas
July 2005
Dafydd receives a gift from Agent Takua.
Nightstalkers: The Children
18th March 2006
Dafydd appears in the first issue of the Multiverse Monitor. Constance is not best pleased.
Tales from DOGA: Tabloid
May 2006
Dafydd and Constance confront the most legendary badfic of them all.
Tales from DOGA: Celebrian
May 2006
Dafydd awakens from a sleep he thought would never end.
Tales from DOGA: After Midnight
May 2006
Dafydd proposes to Constance.
Envinyata: Cultural Exchange
May 2006
Dafydd Illian and Constance Sims retire from the PPC.
Envinyata: Narrative Voice
May 2006
Dafydd and Constance get engaged.
The End of the Beginning: Ever After
July 2006
Dafydd and Constance throw an engagement/retirement party in HQ.
The End of the Beginning: Winding Down
July 2006
Terri Ryan, DOGA Archivist, writes an essay on Dafydd's life.
Puritans & Radicals
August 2006
Dafydd and Constance take a day trip.
Envinyata: Aesthetic Viewpoint
28th October 2006
Wedding of Dafydd Illian and Constance Sims.
December 2006
Dafydd and Constance discuss religion.
Envinyata: Religious Dissent
May 2007
Dafydd and Constance relax.
Envinyata: Wedded Bliss
Birth of Tanfin Illian.
Dafydd and Constance are caught in the Great Genderbend.
The Great 2009 Genderbend
Birth of Jasmine Illian.
July 2010
Birth of Belladonna Illian.
October 2012
Birth of Daphne Illian.
The End of the Beginning: Midwifery
Birth of Oleander Illian.
Dafydd and Constance receive a visit.
The End of the Beginning: Visitors
Constance pays her old partner a visit.
The End of the Beginning: Unexpected
April 2014
Dafydd and Constance play a minor role in the Ispace Wars (from Chapter 7 onwards).
The Ispace Wars
The Illian family are active in the PPC's Sprout movement.
Buds & Sprouts
August 2015
The Illian family visit HQ to watch a fire-lizard hatching.
RP: Fire-Lizard Hatching
November 2015
Dafydd releases the first episode of his TV show Ardolindi
Ardolindi: Nightfall
December 2015
Ardolindi, episode 2.
Ardolindi: May It Be
January 2016
Dafydd, or possibly his hologram, participates in the Second PPC HQ Hunger Games.
PPC HQ Hunger Games: Season 2
January 2016
Ardolindi, episode 3.
Ardolindi: Pella Hsi
January 2016
Dafydd takes part in the Third PPC HQ Hunger Games.
PPC HQ Hunger Games: Season 3
February 2016
Ardolindi, episode 4.
Ardolindi: The Pugilist
March 2016
Ardolindi, episode 5.
Ardolindi: The Battle of Evermore
1st April 2016
Ardolindi, episode 6, is inflicted on Dafydd.
Ardolindi: Orcs Will Eat You
September 2016
Dafydd and Constance participate in the Fourth PPC HQ Hunger Games.
PPC HQ Hunger Games: Season 4
December 2016
Ardolindi, episode 7, the Christmas Special.
Ardolindi: Jay and Acacia
April 2017
Dafydd presents the Fifth PPC HQ Hunger Games, with occasional help from the family.
PPC HQ Hunger Games: Season 5
May 2017
Dafydd and Constance go shopping.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Jasmine meets someone on the HQ network.
The End of the Beginning: Ghost in the Machine
Jasmine Illian travels to the past.
Tanfin travels back in time, looking for his sister.
The End of the Beginning: All Roads
Jasmine Illian returns to the present.
Crashing Down: Chapter 20 - Rise to Lead
Birth of Durran Illian to Jasmine.
Jasmine and Daphne talk about babies.
The End of the Beginning: Generations
Wedding of Daphne Illian and Luden Dioxond.
Tanfin gives his wife a gift.
The End of the Beginning: A Minor Correction
Birth of Lucy Illiond to Daphne.
Wedding of Belladonna Illian and Furimem Vishort.
Dafydd and Constance head off for parts unknown.
The End of the Beginning: Journey Long